SOP’s aren’t for SAPS (Why you need SOPs and what they are) part 3

In part 1, I described what SOP’s are and in part 2 covered what they cover and the information included in them. Well, this is Part 3, where I will describe why they are important to you. This is the hardest point to get across to people, in general.

What is so important about SOP’s? EVERYTHING, there, I said it. They help employees, organizations, etc. all follow the same steps in a process, assay, or writing. This helps to make it all more reproducible.

Let’s say you are a multinational company and there is a new assay, that was developed in one lab and you want the rest of the labs, in the company, to use this assay. How best to share it, with an SOP. A good SOP explains everything, making it easier to transfer this assay across the company.

In closing, SOP’s aren’t for SAPS but they are needed for quality and reproducible work.

Geometrick Enterprises can now help companies with SOP writing and review. If you don’t know where to start, how to start, etc. that is where we come in. We will try to make the process as painless and as simple as possible.

David Slomczynski, Ph.D; Geometrick Enterprises


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