A Reflection on Antoni van Leewenhoek’s Birthday

Today marks the 384th Birthday for the Father of Modern Microbiology. Many things have changed but many things still remain. We have DNA sequencing, genetic engineering, and other sort of marvelous technology yet, there are estimates that we only know less than 1 thousandth of  1% of all micro-organisms out there – http://www.newsweek.com/new-estimate-there-are-1-trillion-species-microbes-earth-454714   .  This fact is lost on most lay people. For all our advances, there is a whole universe out there that we know nothing about.

We also think we are the masters of this planet and that is probably far from the truth. Micro-organisms multiply and adapt much more quickly than we can. If you want proof, look the anti-biotic Staphlylococcus strains out there. They are getting increasingly more resistant to all the powerful antibiotics we can produce. Maybe this is a sign we need to co-exist in this world rather than trying to bend it to our will.  After all, there are more of them, then are are of us.  🙂

David Slomczynski, Ph.D; GeoMetrick Enterprises


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