Month: December 2016

Thanksgiving SOP musings

So, what has Thanksgiving and SOP’s have to do with each other? PLENTY! Every recipe you use, is an SOP. Same with every instruction manual, etc. Just as with SOP’s, there are good ones and bad ones. The good ones, may be annoying and pedantic, but they explain every step in the process. Many recipes look like this (a Famous Sidney Harris cartoon)….

A recipe that is like the above image, is one I tried after Thanksgiving. In that recipe, one was using leftover stuffing (like there is any stuffing leftover!) for dumplings. The way the recipe stated how to make the dumpling one wan not sure what the mixture was to make the dumplings besides the stuffing. It took me several readings and sitting down with a beer to really figure out what they wanted.

It was not a well written recipe and not what your recipe (SOP) should look like. Every step needs to be explained and that is so anyone, in your organization (or for recipes anyone in a kitchen), can reproduce what you are doing. This is the key, with SOP’s, BE PEDANTIC but, also use plain language. So many owner’s manuals, for TV’s, etc., are written in engineering language and that does not help the average user.

So, if you need help rewriting or making your SOP’s understandable, GeoMetrick Enterprises is there to help.

David Slomczynski, Ph.D; GeoMetrick Enterprises