“HPLC’n You”- All Things Analytical and other Scientific Ponderings is the blog of Dr. David Slomczynski of GeoMetrick Enterprises. GeoMetrick Enterprises is also the home of “Out on a LIMS®: The Newsletter for People Who Risk Life and LIMS™ on a Daily Basis.”

“HPLC’n You” will cover a variety of topics including SOP’s, microbiology, analytical chemistry, and others of which I am interested in. It will be a veritable potpourri of topics which follows my experiences in the sciences.

GeoMetrick Enterprises has expanded its role in solving your LIMS and Laboratory Informatics problems, to include SOP’s, analytical expertise and microbiology experience, dealing with contamination identification and determining the best way forward in the sanest manner possible. For more information: http://www.geometrick.com/