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GeoMetrick Enterprises wins GHP 2016 International Life Sciences Award

GHP 2016 International Life Sciences Awards

This is an amazing achievement for this company and want to congratulate Gloria Metrick on her recognition for her leadership in the LIMS industry.

David Slomczynski, Ph.D; Geometrick Enterprises


Welcome to “HPLC’n You”

Welcome to “HPLC’n You” – All Things Analytical and other Scientific Ponderings. The name covers the basic idea that this blog will cover topics in Analytical Chemistry. There will be smatterings of topics from other scientific areas, as well, such as Microbiology, Artisan Distilling. Due to my varied background and the work I have done throughout my career, I have experience in a variety of areas.

Despite the word “ponderings” in the blog subtitle, I will make these posts as much to the point as possible without a large amount of “pondering” on it. It is my hope to inform people on these topics as well as sell services on them. So, watch this space for more postings.

Dr. David Slomczynski

GeoMetrick Enterprises